Friday, April 10, 2009


I recently received an early morning phone call from Diane Pershing, the President of Romance Writer's of America. I mean, early - before I've even finished my coffee early, which means I'm not always alert. When she identified herself, my mind went really blank. (Before finishing coffee blank) and other than telling me I really had to register for the conference before they'd confirm my hotel room, (I'm speaking there), I couldn't imagine what this was about.

Imagine my surprise when she told me I'm the official, Romance Writer's of America LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR.

I was eloquent, (coffee?) and said, "No Way!"

She responded, "Way!" Which will forever endear her to me, because she understands, sometimes the words just aren't there to express how you're feeling.

I confessed I'm not a Librarian. But she assured me that since I work for the library system, and I promote romance authors and books, I was indeed qualified to accept the award.

So, on July 14th I'll be flying off to the other Washington, (DC) for the Romance Writer's of America conference. I was already planning to attend, as my co-worker, Chapple, and I are presenting a program about creating romance author events in libraires... on LIBRARIAN'S DAY. We're also going to be part of a panel on libraries for the general conference. Now I have an even busier schedule, because I'll be accepting my award at the Awards Luncheon on Friday, July 17th.

This is a get a manicure, wax the brows and buy new shoes kinda event, so I'm really looking forward to it. There is preshopping, shopping and then post-shopping analysis involved. This is a conference of Romance Writers and Authors. We are talking serious shoe envy, gotta look good kinda stuff. I'm already running through various wardrobe options, considering that outside it will be around 100 degrees with 200% humidity. Inside I suspect you'll need a hat and coat to survive the air conditioning. It makes getting dressed a real challenge.

It's a good thing I'm going to BEA in NYC in May. There is just no better place in the Universe to find great clothes than the fashion district. And after my last trip I learned my lesson, no carry on baggage for me, thank you very much. I booked with a carrier who never charges for baggage and I plan to take a suitcase large enough for all my purchases.

So, I have two trips to the East coast planned for this spring/summer. I'll get to see my family, shop, and get an awesome award. All because I have this really fabu job.

Plus, this week I'm going to meet an Editor from MAD magazine when he presents a program. He sent several cartons of magazines for his programs, and so of course -- I had to review the material.

That's part of my job too.
What me worry?

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