Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nora and Me!

If it's Saturday - we must be nearing the end of the RWA conference and tonight will be the Golden Heart and RITA awards. But before that, I have been invited to Nora's party.
Yes, NORA ROBERTS, the biggest author in the universe. More books, more sales, more of everything.

I'm not worthy....

So I put on my "Vegas Dress" and head up to Nora's suite. She has a great view, and a grand piano in her living room.

She's gracious, wearing a lovely dress, enough "bling" to make your eyes bug out of your head and she's barefoot. Gotta love a gal who likes to be comfortable.

Everyone who is anyone in the RWA world seems to be here and I get a photo with J.R. Ward. She's really tall and really thin.

I also meet up with my former Dorchester editor, Kate Seaver and we talk about old times and Costa Rica. She wants to go there, and since I've recently visited, so I offer some travel advice.

Then it's downstairs to the awards - the fun and excitement of seeing the Golden Heart winners (often in tears) and the RITA winners take the biggest romance writing honor of the year.
Then there is food, book chat and more chat. I say good-bye to Jesse, and we promise to stay in touch. It's not a late night, because tomorrow I take the subway to Union Station and head out to visit my Uncle and his wife in Richmond.
It's been a wonderful conference, busy, exciting, fun and I think I've learned a lot about the current state of romance. It's been a great honor to be chosen by RWA to be Librarian of the Year, and I will carry my title with pride!


AareneX said...

so very proud of you, gal, and the award is completely deserved!

Looks like a fabulous conference too. I'm delighted to hear that Nora Roberts is a barefoot-and-bling gal.

Me, I'm working on a new novel out of the habit of writing during the big move to the Farm, but I can't build fences in 90-degree weather, so it's a computer in the shade for me, and away I go. You'll be proud, I think it's gonna be a romance >g<

Deborah Schneider said...

I think you'll have a blast writing romance, and it's a great way to escape, from heat, cold, bad times, whatever.

I love creating my own world where I am the one in charge!

The conference was so much fun!