Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Can't My Characters Behave?

At my last GSRWA (Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America) meeting our presenter, Ellis Flynn, was talking about Science Fiction, Fantasy and Urban Fantasy. Of course, because I was there we talked about Steampunk.Then, the Steamed blog started this fabulous month of special events to celebrate their one year anniversary! And one of the things we can do to win a $150.00 shopping spree is to create a costume for a character using the cool stuff at Clockwork Couture. Well, you KNOW how I am about clothes, so of course I had to try this. This is what I finally came up with.

My character, Jezebel Fremont, is a privateer for the US Air Corps. and her ship, The Liberty Belle, is charged with intercepting and commandeering weapons and supplies from the Confederate States of America. (That's where she got the cool gun).

She's supposed to be a supporting character in my Steam-punk book, but Jezebel is never happy about being a supporting anything, and I think she's demanding her own book.

At least she has a great uniform. And you should see her "dress-up" clothes. Let's just say, Jezebel cleans up nicely. Just ask Harrison Kellogg.

And one final confession, I bought the hat at the top of the page. I really, really wanted that hat after I seen it Alice in Wonderland. So -- now I have it. Where can I order Johnny Depp?

*Airship Pirate Image from


EilisFlynn said...

Deb, I'm not much of a dressup person, but I do admire the style! Snazzy!

Suzanne said...

Very nice, Deb. I love it!