Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Car Crazy

Car Crazy, originally uploaded by sibellestone.

Another accomplishment! This could be addictive, but I wonder who has time to look at all this stuff on the web? I can hardly even keep up with my Email, and all these new things are going to eat up all my free time.
But it is fun!


mycornerwindow said...

I think it is addictive, too. I told my husband to take more pictures and load them so I could put them on my blog!

Christel said...

Now this is not fair!!! HOW DID YOU GET TO MEET LIGHTING McQUEEN IN PERSON???? I better not show this pic to my son or there might be some jealousy!!! :)

I like your blog.. It is very much like you... Spunky, colorful and unusual!!!

I agree that some of the "things" we need to accomplish are a bit challenging, but what a reward (and let's be honest: pride! :)) when you finally get it!

Chloe Starr said...

Nice blog, Deb!

I like your My Space too -- I sent you a Friends request, I hope you want to be my friend too :-)

I'm sure Tom is very nice, but he's not my friend either!

Debster said...

Thanks Guys for the comments. I don't feel so alone in CyberSpace anymore.