Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

I discovered RSS Feeds, and now I must force myself to stop FEEDING! There are so many things I need to know, daily, minute-by-minute. And they are all there on the web for my continued education. Manolo shoes, romance novels, fashionistas, books, books and more books.
I like having the easy update feature, but MUST stop now. I was disappointed to discover one of my favorite sites doesn't have an RSS feature, but maybe they will get one. If you want to check out the website, this is it: http://www.gypsyville.com/
I did add the PI newspaper, a library site, some news and information sites.
Then I added some fun ones too!

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mycornerwindow said...

Debster, I always look forward to reading your blogs! They are so well written. I had to take a moment to imagine what feeding on an RSS feed would look like. For some reason, spaghetti came to mind. Lots of spaghetti noodle RSS feeds! I was searching for fashion feeds and found that the New York Times has a fashion RSS as does In Style Magazine. According to their pr, they have "up to the minute" celebrity style news. Who would have thunk it?!