Friday, May 4, 2007

More Google

I visited Google Labs and immediately found the Notebook. This could really be helpful to me in my writing life. I have tons of notebooks (real ones) around my house that hold notes, webpage references, character sketches, etc. for my fiction writing. I could actually have on-line notebooks that store all the information, which would not only be easier to store (and free up shelf space at my house) but would be easy to access.
In theory -- but I'm not sure I've figured out exactly how the program works. I've tried to cut and paste into my notebook, and I can't make it happen. As with all of the things we've done so far, I can get just so far, and then probably because this stuff isn't intuitive to me, I struggle.
But, I don't give up.
I could also see that putting program notes for the library into a file might be helpful, but since I already do that in Word, I'm again not sure how much time it would save me. Also I rarely work on any different computers. But, if I did travel around and work from different sites -- this would be very useful.

I also really like the on-line word processing. Again, for my writing this would allow me to post things and then have my critique partner read them, make comments and never have to sit down in the cafe again to talk about the stories.
This could also be a "downside" of cyberspace. It's fun to sit down in a cafe and talk about books, writing and stories.

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