Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reflecting on 27 Things

Now that we've completed the final lesson for the 27 Things Project, we were asked to reflect upon the experience. There are a few things I feel compelled to comment about.
  • Sometimes the lessons sounded so easy, but when I arrived at the website to fulfill the commands of the 27 Things -- it wasn't quite as easy as it sounded. I found that I had to repeat several exercises several times in order to understand what was being asked of me. I think there was an assumption that it would be "intuitive" -- and sometimes it was. But for a beginner, there were challenges.
  • Password Overload - Is it my google or my flickr, should I have used the same one for everything? Nearly every site wanted me to register, create an identity and unique password. Eventually, I was in the midst of an identity crisis. (But recovered by going to MySpace, where I found who I really was!)
  • There was lots of fun stuff, and some cool stuff and then there was the way cool stuff. I plan to review the lessons now that I have more time, and will learn more about many of the things we were introduced to.
  • I manage to impress folks with my profound knowledge of the internet. They think I'm so cool and tech-savvy. I chat with my friends and family via MySpace, send photo montages of my trips to friends, use tags on de.lic.ous and brag about all the books I'm reading by stacking them LibraryThing. I have a blog. Best of all, I have my very own SouthPark character.
  • Would I do it again? Yes-sir-ee. (maybe we can develop a website with that word, something reassures people when they have to make a decision, yes.sir.ee.com, when you feel confused!)

It was fun to learn new things, and now my goal in life is to learn more new things. But it will require that I forget a few old things, so as of today, I am wiping the theme song from "Beverly Hillbillies" from my memory.

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